Investeren in e-learning is noodzaak!

Laurens van Boekhout · 2 maanden geleden

De ouderwetse ‘cursus’ verdwijnt. Organisaties zoeken massaal naar moderne e-learning oplossingen. Uit onderzoek door het NIDAP in 2017 blijkt dat er veel wordt geïnvesteerd in de ontwikkeling van coachende en communicatieve vaardigheden. E-learning is inmiddels een marktstandaard geworden; 60% van de werknemers heeft er al ervaring mee.

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Coursepath’s Question Pool – how to successfully use the new feature

Sina Burghardt · 6 maanden geleden

With the new question pool, you can easily generate tests for your employees. Without great effort, each participant of your e-learning course receives randomly selected questions from the repertoire you created. Hence, you can be assured that each employee independently achieves the learning objectives. And this is how you proceed best:

The new question pool
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Ways to a better Compliance Training

Sina Burghardt · 7 maanden geleden

Basic employee training such as compliance is a recurring issue in almost every business. Training concerning laws, orders, and company guidelines is often mandatory and needs to be proven by means of certificates. In this article, you can read how to put compliance training into practice effectively and how to make it profitable, using Coursepath LMS.

Compliance Training
Mandatory Compliance Training – a recurring issue
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Buy or rent? Which benefits do Software-as-a-Service solutions offer?

Sina Burghardt · 8 maanden geleden

For years, the market has shown an increasing number of software solutions that are offered on demand rather than on premise. The providers of on-demand software consider themselves to be a service provider as well as a partner. What are the characteristics of software-as-a-service and what factors should be considered?

Buy or rent?

Here are 10 points on why it is a good idea to think about software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, for example when it comes to employee training.

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Microlearning: A clever way for training on the go and in between

Sina Burghardt · 9 maanden geleden

Deploying microlearning successfully means creating learning nuggets that are short and practical. This way, an immediate benefit for learners is achieved. Thus, the short time while commuting to and from the office can already be used as an opportunity to learning.

Microlearning: A clever way for training

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Multilingual LMS: Coursepath is available in 20 languages

Annika Willers · 11 maanden geleden

With 20 system languages, Coursepath is one of the most flexible European LMS providers. Languages can be set individually or for the entire academy.

Multilingual LMS with 20 languages

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Security Awareness Training with NextTech

Annika Willers · 12 maanden geleden

Creating awareness for sensitive information and cyber security issues is NextTech’s aim. Coursepath LMS supports this as a platform with extensive course creation and monitoring features. Above all, it lives up to important security standards itself. This is how NextTech is able to effectively communicate risks and recommended behavior to customers and their employees.


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Roles and Permissions in Coursepath – Update

Manuel Yasli · 12 maanden geleden

Which role gives access to which activities in a Coursepath academy? In this short documentation, designed for academy Managers and administrative staff, we want to help you to get a better understanding of how the user roles and permissions in Coursepath are set up.

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Course access in Coursepath: From self-registration to voucher system

Manuel Yasli · 12 maanden geleden

One important aspect of an online academy is member management. There are many different ways of inviting new members and also in letting participants register for themselves. This article is meant to give you an overview of registration possibilities in Coursepath.


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Free tools to improve e-learning courses with

Manuel Yasli · 1 jaar geleden

When using the right platform, you will find course creation very easy and hardly need additional tools or systems. Yet sometimes, you might want to add content in a different format or style. It helps you make training more interactive, diverse and appealing to the user. Here is our choice of additional tools.

Tools for e-learning

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New question type: hotspot images for interactivity and visual support

Manuel Yasli · 1 jaar geleden

With hotspot questions, participants are presented with an image on which they can mark a spot, which they think is the right one. This way you can find out whether or not they can locate objects correctly in a given situation.

Hotspot question in Coursepath

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E-commerce: Offer paid courses with flexible payment options

Manuel Yasli · 1 jaar geleden

With Coursepath’s e-commerce feature, it’s easy to offer courses against a variable amount of money to customers and partners. Once the payment has gone through, customers are automatically directed to the course. Since our latest update, customers can choose their personal payment method such as PayPal, SOFORT banking, iDEAL, Bitcoin and many others. That is because we now support Mollie, pioneer in worldwide online payments, processing payments from almost all existing banking systems.

Mollie payment service

How to set payment for courses in Coursepath

Setting courses to paid courses (e-commerce) is very easy in Coursepath. As academy owner you must first enable the e-commerce function by going to Setup > Advanced > e-commerce. Here, you can also define VAT rate, currency and country.

After this is set up, go to your course of interest, where you and other trainers can define whether or not the course should be a paid one. Also the course fee itself gets defined here. You can define the course fee per for each course separately.

Let customers choose their own payment method

Once a course fee has been set, visitors will see the course’s fee on the course welcome page. They can directly transfer the indicated amount, using their preferred payment option. Instead of being forced to one payment method like PayPal, participants are free to choose their personally preferred payment method, whether that is PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.

Mollie’s service and fees

Mollie provides a high quality and reliable service. Just create a free account there and you are ready to go. Here you find an overview of transaction fees for Mollie’s payment services. There are no setup fees, monthly fees or lock-in contracts. Mollie is a PCI DSS certified service, hosting data on European servers. Coursepath’s only role in the payment process is registering the summary of the transaction for monitoring purposes.

Did you find this helpful? Perhaps you have some questions? We would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us at

DIY in companies (2):
7 online tools for employee empowerment

Annika Willers · 1 jaar geleden

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) is popular among companies and employees, as it gives room to creative and innovative projects (refer to part 1 of this article). With the right tools, DIY projects from course creation to video production are done fast and professionally. Plus, employees gain freedom and motivation at their workplace. We present 7 online tools that help companies stay modern and flexible, empowering their employees with relevant projects.

Tools for DIY projects

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The 5 most valuable features for DIY e-learning

Annika Willers · 1 jaar geleden

Creating e-learning courses for a company is a tough job. It requires assembling a lot of material, reconciling with others, and bringing in the right didactics. For an easy start, consider 5 main features for your learning management system and let them help you create valuable training.

Tools for DIY eLearning

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DIY in companies (1): How and why we create more corporate material ourselves

Annika Willers · 1 jaar geleden

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) is trending, whether in hardware stores or companies. People discover their potential to start self-directed projects, from editing films to making marketing material or creating online courses. DIY empowers employees and involves them deeply into company processes. Helpful for this development is the rise of online tools that provide infrastructure and sharing options.

DIY in companies or private settings

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Aligning leadership with organizational development: Corporate L&D Summit in Amsterdam

Annika Willers · 1 jaar geleden

Corporate L&D Summit – an important event for HR, training industry and innovative leaders. We took part with a 30 minute talk on new corporate training possibilities with Software-as-a-Service and a mind shift from traditional to modern learning. A great gathering with experts from ING, Carslberg, Tesco Bank and many more.

Corporate L&D Summit in Amsterdam Align Leadership Programs with Organizational Development: This year’s theme by Connexus Events L&D Summit

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Employee-Led Learning – On our way to Modern Workplace Learning and Empowerment

Annika Willers · 2 jaar geleden

Employee-led learning is a modern training style that focusses on learners’ needs. While this might sound as if employees’ needs are put on top of the company’s requirements, supporters of this style actually have a mutual benefit in mind. Companies improve their workforce quality, time-to-market and competitive value by having employees set goals to achieve just this. Alongside their individual wishes for empowerment, valuation, knowledge, career, etc. Employees and companies push each other forward, which is why employee-led learning deserves a deeper look.

Employee-led learning Empowerment in Learning: on-demand training, responsibility and choice – essential parts of modern workplace learning.

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Advanced reporting of training progress: Filter and compare user groups

Manuel Yasli · 2 jaar geleden

With Coursepath’s new release for advanced reporting, managers and trainers discover great opportunities to monitor learning progress and compare results. A range of filtering options enables precise comparison per target group, e.g. of users subscribed to a special program. Other than course performance as a whole, individual participants’ or single step’s performances can be reviewed.

Step performanceThe new reporting displays relevant information on course performance in differently filtered tables. Shown here: completed steps (successfully finished or failed), average scores and attempts for separate steps.

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Extended: Seek Feedback And Opinion With Likert Scale Questions

Manuel Yasli · 2 jaar geleden

Scale – or Likert scale – questions are a frequently used assessment tool for social research. In Online Training, where progress is mostly measured by true/false questions, scale questions have played a subordinate role for a long time. However, in Coursepath you can use Scale questions alongside the traditional single or multiple choice questions, short answer and essay questions, in order to evaluate your courses. Your participants can indicate their opinion (e.g. on how they liked your course) on a scale with up to 10 items.

Likert Scale in CoursepathScale question for course evaulation with 5 items (1 Strongly disagree 2 Disagree 3 Neutral 4 Agree 5 Strongly agree)

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Qualify Employees: Test Knowledge With Flexible Question Types

Manuel Yasli · 2 jaar geleden

Lifelong learning has become an inherent part of the working life. Testing and certifying participants knowledge increasingly becomes more important. Looking e.g. at security trainings, it becomes clear that employees need to know exactly what they are doing. A good example is Planzer Transport AG, a Swiss logistics company training employees with regards to airfreight security. Here, a lot depends on verifiably well-trained staff. Unqualified staff can have catastrophic consequences – not only for the company. However, qualified staff is important in all fields and it is always the fundament of long-term corporate performance.

Lifelong learning with Coursepath

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