FinancesOnline’s Coursepath LMS Review

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Coursepath is a learning management system (LMS) built specifically for businesses that want more control and options with their courses. The platform provides features and tools that cater to employee, customer and business partner learning and instruction. With Coursepath, users can effortlessly create individual courses using a drag and drop interface. Learning plans can be created along with automatic certificates and much more. The system also lets users assess performance and progress of their learners, participate in discussions and sell courses online.

FinancesOnline Coursepath LMS Review

Overview of Coursepath Benefits

Coursepath makes course creation simple and quick. Users can convert existing PowerPoint files to a course and then insert questions and multimedia content, like video or audio files. Users can also also implement SCORM or Tin Can modules to build even more robust courses and learning programs.

The platforms also has a short learning curve, which means it is easy to get acquainted with the system. Users can also encourage their learners by providing them with certifications if they pass a predefined score. Those who do not pass can retake the course easily.

Coursepath also lets instructors and top management monitor the progress of their participants in real time. Progress can be set based on individual or collective performance. Communication is ket to learning and Coursepath provides just that via public or private channels.

Integrate Coursepath into existing systems using API. Exchange user and course data and save it to your HR systems. The EU hosted platform is scalable for various purposes, such as logistics onboarding, product training or coaching. The amount of users is unlimited.

Awards & Quality Certificates

User Satisfaction Quality Award

What Problems Will Coursepath Solve?

Scenario 1: Managers and employees in the electrical industry benefit from upskilling by e-learning and blended learning.

Scenario 2: The Coursepath online training platform is best used to train employees, customers and partners for fast-track online trainings and micro learning purposes. One of the recent additions to the growing list of Coursepath customers is Planzer Transport AG in Switzerland.

Scenario 3: ACTEGA Terra, Europe’ss market leader for overprint varnishes, introduces e-learning to qualify their sales force. You can read more about the requirements and how the company benefits from efficient online training on Coursepath official website.

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