Supreme data protection and security with Coursepath

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Companies increasingly choose to qualify employees and partners online with their very own training courses. Cloud based Learning Management Systems (LMS) lean for efficient content creation and distribution.
When looking for an easy-to-use and cost-efficient Software-as-a-Service solution, questions about data security arise. Where are data stored? Who accesses data? Can I count on the availability of data? We at Coursepath have taken care of physical and digital measures to host your data securely and have them available for you and your participants at all times.

Data protection and security with Coursepath

Protecting data physically

Our customers’s data are hosted at servers in the European Union, in the Netherlands. That means, they are subject to strict European data protection laws. Access via Patriot Act e.g. is prohibited.
Our servers and your data are located at the certified datacenters of BIT in the Netherlands, administered through our ISO 27001 certified hosting partner Exonet.

Certified data hosting

We care about a maximum level of security for our customers’ data. By exclusively using certified services we have found adequate mechanisms for ensuring information security.
Smooth operation with an uptime by 99.9% is thereby guaranteed.

Access control against manipulation

All data is stored on servers in data centers in the Netherlands. The servers are protected against unauthorized access by physical controls and measures on the premises.
Coursepath’s legal obligations (and those of provider Viadesk) are held transparent in every license agreement, your contract. If you have any inquiries about our obligations and services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Digital mechanisms

In addition to local controls, your data is digitally protected against unauthorized access. These include the following measures:


Every communication between server and user is encrypted via HTTPS. As data is decrypted only on a user’s device, shoulder surfing is inhibited.

Firewalls & software analysis

We use firewalls to protect our servers against direct attacks. All technical protective measures’ integrity and functionality are ensured by regular software analysis. Audits are conducted by an independent service provider.

Data Back Up

Customer data is constantly backed up on our servers. This reduces the risk of data loss to a minimum.

Reliable Partner

Coursepath and Viadesk take data protection and the certification of our services very seriously. The parent company Viadesk is currently in a certification process itself, which will be completed in 2019. Our persistent efforts to the highest possible safety, is a service highly appreciated by our customers. Read our customer cases:

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For download: Flexible Learning in the Cloud – Checklist on Software-as-a-Service and Security